A & D d.o.o.

Primary packaging supplier

Aromatherapy and Apitherapy Cosmetics and perfumes Cleaning products and chemicals Food and Beverage Food Supplements Aerosols and pressurized packaging

Our offer

We are one of the major distributors of primary packaging for cosmetics, personal care products, food and beverage, chemical and cleaning products on West Balkans for last 25 years.

In our sales portfolio we have products coming from producers like Aptar, Baralan, Giflor, Cabagaglio Packaging, Epoca and many others.

In our vast portfolio you can find packaging for cosmetics, aromatherapy, food supplements, food & beverage, chemical and cleaning products, adequate also for professional use.

Our products are made from natural, environmentally neutral and recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium or plastic and can be 100 % recycled and / or reused.