Packaging for aerosols and pressurized packaging

In the area of pressurized aerosols, we offer a wide assortment of packaging elements that will help your product meet all modern technological, esthetical, environmental, safety, and price trends and requirements.

We can offer you:

  • Aluminium containers between 20 ml and 1,000 ml, pressure tested from 12 to 22 bar.
  • Tinplate containers with capacity between 100 ml to 1,000 ml, pressure tested up to 16 bar.
  • Valves of various configurations suitable for filling with liquid or gas aerosol propellants.
  • “Bag On Valve” valves for products where the propellant is separated from product’s active ingredients.
  • Various spray heads and nozzles.
  • Spray caps of various shapes and sizes.

Technical specification documents that are supplied to clients with their initial order for every individual element of the order include information that is necessary for registration of the final product.  Technical documentation provided for the packaging components usually includes technical drawings, component specifications, declaration of suitability for use, and additional documents regarding recycling specification, and statement of environmental impact.

Minimum order quantity depends on the selected product and manufacturer’s requirements.  Most commonly the minimum order is 25,000 pieces; under exceptional circumstances it can be as low as 10,000 pieces.

Orders will be delivered within 6 to 10 weeks.  Delivery times depend on the product ordered and on availability of manufacturing capacity.

Costs of delivery and additional packaging required for shipping of your order are not included in the price of goods.  Delivery details and cost can be discussed when you place your order.  Cost of delivery will be added to the total cost of your order.  Mode of delivery will depend on the size of the order and destination.  We ship smaller orders using postal service express mail, while larger orders are usually delivered using services of a shipping or freight company.  We can arrange delivery to address of your choice anywhere in Europe.

Prices vary and depend on specific version of a product and ordered quantity.